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Manage and track your recruits/referrals in your dashboard by simply login into your Basadi account.

As a recruiter you

🔥Get your unique Referral URL

🔥See how much you’ve earned so far.Remember you earn 10% commission of the referral initial investment.

🔥Track the status of all your recruits.

Refer a Friend Program and earn up to R5000 instantly when your recruits deposit

How it Works

1.Register or Login to your Basadi platform and get your referral link.

2.Share your referral link with your friends.

3.When your friends/recruits sign up under your referral link the list of all your recruits are shown on your referral dashboard.

4.If your friends/recruits make their first deposit ,10% of their initial deposit is added to your commissions balance that you can withdraw without any restrictions.

Amount Invested by recruits

Commission received

R1000 you earn R100

R2000 you earn R200

R5000 you earn R500

R10 000 you earn R1000

R20 000 you earn R2000

R50 000 you earn R5000

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Note that as your recruits deposit more into their accounts you also earn more.

Minimum Disclosure as per CISABasadi Africa Projects a collective private equity holding scheme. Basadi Africa Projects Ltd (“BAP”) has been structured as per Collective Investment Scheme Act, 2002. BAP is Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme (UCIS). UCIS and alternative private equity risk and characteristics are risk than normal investment which may result in the loss of income/capital. Our managers strategy are professional and conduct strategies at the best of their professional abilities not to lose income or capital. Objective of private equity invest in unlisted equities in Construction, Collective Property Investment, Fintech and Information Technology. Net Asset Value (“NAV”) based on the portfolio performance. Alternative Investment Scheme carry higher risk than normal investment. *40% returns basedon the BAP CIS fund performance and duration of investment. BAP Trustees, its Directors, associates and investment managers may not be held responsible for the loss of income/capital as you enter at your own risk. BAP does not offer any financial advisory and legal advisory therefore you must consult with your financial advisor, accountant and or lawyer at your own cost